a bee on a flower

The Best Flowers And Shrubs For Attracting Pollinators In The Summer

You may not realize it, but every time you take a bite of food or…

Creating A Low-Maintenance Summer Garden With Drought-Tolerant Flowers And Shrubs

Are you tired of spending hours every week tending to your summer garden? Do you…

plants to grow between pavers

Planting Between Pavers: Which Plants Are Best?

Have you ever looked at your outdoor space and felt like something was missing? Perhaps…


Choosing The Best Grass Seed For Your Lawn

Get a lush green lawn with the right grass seed. Discover how to choose the best grass seed for your yard in our expert guide. Click now!

Green leafed trees on forest

5 Greenscaping Ideas For An Environment-Friendly Garden

As an environmental horticulture writer, I’m always on the lookout for new ways to grow…

Image showing grandfather helping grandchildren plant some shrubs

Know How Much Room Your Plants And Shrubs Need

Welcome to the wonderful world of gardening! Regardless of your experience, there is always more…

picking flowers, daisies, child

Why Planting A Meadow Area In Your Garden Is A Good Idea

Enjoy a tranquil, low-maintenance garden! Learn why planting a meadow area is the perfect way to add wildlife and beauty to your outdoor space.

What Trees Or Shrubs Will You Include In Your Garden

Transform your garden into a lush oasis! Discover the best trees and shrubs to add stunning beauty and texture.

Using rocks as mulch in your garden

Using rocks as mulch in your garden is like putting a blanket of protection around…

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